Dimensional analysis and experimental study of pressure drop and heat transfer for Na-Cl ice slurry in pipes

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EIVD Ecole d'ingénieurs du canton de Vaud
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Over the last few years, many works have been developed to study the influence of some factors like the mass flow, pipe diameter or ice contents on the pressure drop characteristics and heat transfer process when using ice slurry as liquid secondary refrigerant. Nevertheless, most of these works present results of great scientific interest, but hardly applicable to different situations to those of test conditions and therefore they have a limited interest when approaching the design of practical ice slurry installations. Based on the dimensional analysis, the work reported in this paper try to determine which are the variables that explain the thermal and hydraulic behaviour of ice slurry, to fix the influence of these variables and to present the results so that they can be used as a tool of design for ice slurry applications. Experimental studies were performed to clarify the thermal and hydraulic characteristics of ice slurry with a 3% sodium chloride-water solution flowing in circular pipes. A number of experiments have been carried out to investigate the characteristics of flowing ice slurry for various pipes diameter, ice mass fraction, flow velocity and ice crystal size, and the non-dimensional values have been obtained from the pressure drop (via Fanning factor) and the heat transfer (via Nusselt number). Experimental data on friction factor are plotted on a Moody diagram. Experimental values of Nusselt number are plotted also versus Reynolds number and others parameters. Both data collection has been compared with other researcher’s results, showing the most cases a good level of agreement.
Palabras clave
Ice slurry, Industrial application, Pressure drop, Heat transfer, Dimensional analysis
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ILLÁN GÓMEZ, Fernando, MARTÍNEZ MARTÍNEZ, Pedro y VIEDMA ROBLES, Antonio. Dimensional analysis and experimental study of pressure drop and heat transfer for Na-Cl ice slurry in pipes. En: 6th IIR Ice Slurry Workshop, Yverdon-les-Bains, Suiza, 15-17 junio 2005.