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dc.contributor.authorRieiro, Héctor 
dc.contributor.authorDiaz Piedra, Carolina 
dc.contributor.authorMorales, José Miguel 
dc.contributor.authorCatena, Andrés 
dc.contributor.authorRomero, Samuel 
dc.contributor.authorRoca González, Joaquín Francisco 
dc.contributor.authorFuentes, Luis J. 
dc.contributor.authorDi Stasi, Leandro Luigi
dc.identifier.citationRieiro H, Diaz-Piedra C, Morales JM, Catena A, Romero S, Roca-Gonzalez J, Fuentes LJ, Di Stasi LL. Validation of Electroencephalographic Recordings Obtained with a Consumer-Grade, Single Dry Electrode, Low-Cost Device: A Comparative Study. Sensors. 2019; 19(12):2808.
dc.description.abstractThe functional validity of the signal obtained with low-cost electroencephalography (EEG) devices is still under debate. Here, we have conducted an in-depth comparison of the EEG-recordings obtained with a medical-grade golden-cup electrodes ambulatory device, the SOMNOwatch + EEG-6, vs those obtained with a consumer-grade, single dry electrode low-cost device, the NeuroSky MindWave, one of the most affordable devices currently available. We recorded EEG signals at Fp1 using the two different devices simultaneously on 21 participants who underwent two experimental phases: a 12-minute resting state task (alternating two cycles of closed/open eyes periods), followed by 60-minute virtual-driving task. We evaluated the EEG recording quality by comparing the similarity between the temporal data series, their spectra, their signal-to-noise ratio, the reliability of EEG measurements (comparing the closed eyes periods), as well as their blink detection rate. We found substantial agreement between signals: whereas, qualitatively, the NeuroSky MindWave presented higher levels of noise and a biphasic shape of blinks, the similarity metric indicated that signals from both recording devices were significantly correlated. While the NeuroSky MindWave was less reliable, both devices had a similar blink detection rate. Overall, the NeuroSky MindWave is noise-limited, but provides stable recordings even through long periods of time. Furthermore, its data would be of adequate quality compared to that of conventional wet electrode EEG devices, except for a potential calibration error and spectral differences at low frequencies.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was funded by the Spanish Department of Transportation, Madrid, Spain (Grant No. SPIP2014-1426 to L.L.D.S.). Research by A.C. is funded by a Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness grant (PSI2016-80558-R to A.C.). Research by S.R. is funded by an Andalusian Government Excellence Research grant (P11-TIC-7983). Research by L.J.F. is funded by a Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness grant (PSI2014-53427-P) and a Fundacion Seneca grant (19267/PI/14). Research by L.L.D.S. is currently supported by the Ramon y Cajal fellowship program (RYC-2015-17483). Research by C.D.-P. is currently supported by the CEIMAR program (CEIMAR2018-2). C.D.-P. and L.L.D.S. are supported by a Santander Bank-CEMIX UGR-MADOC grant (Project PINS 2018-15). Additional support was obtained from Unit of Excellence on Brain, Behavior, and Health (SC2) funded by the Excellence actions program of the University of Granada.es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España*
dc.titleValidation of Electroencephalographic Recordings Obtained with a Consumer-Grade, Single Dry Electrode, Low-Cost Device: A Comparative Studyes_ES
dc.subjectBrain activityes_ES
dc.subjectDriving simulatores_ES
dc.subjectLow-cost wearableses_ES
dc.subjectNeuroSky® MindWave Mobile headsetes_ES
dc.subject.otherTecnología Electrónicaes_ES
dc.subject.unesco2301 Química Analíticaes_ES
dc.subject.unesco2203 Electrónicaes_ES
dc.contributor.convenianteUniversidad Politécnica de Cartagenaes_ES
dc.contributor.convenianteUniversidad de Vigoes_ES
dc.contributor.convenianteUniversidad de Granadaes_ES
dc.contributor.convenianteUniversidad de Murciaes_ES
dc.contributor.convenianteUniversidad del Estado de Arizonaes_ES

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Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
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